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Multiviewers & signal processing tools from Apantac at great prices.  Call Atlantic with your questions. We talk, stock and demo Apantac
Apantac has become a leading designer and developer of high quality, cost effective signal processing equipment.  The Tahoma line of Data & Video multiviewers have taken the market by storm, and now everyone can afford to have great looking video walls in studios, control rooms, suites and trucks.  The Tahoma family can accommodate all types of input signals and most feature a clever built in output signal extender so your display can be located away from the processor.  Apantac also has audio tools, quad splitters, universal scalers, and a full line of KVM, Touch screen, HDMI and signal extenders.

The TAHOMA series of Multiviewers support HD, SD and analog video as well as DVI and HDMI inputs.  Models range up to 32 inputs and up to 8 outputs.  Outputs include built-in extenders for DVI, HDMI and VGA over CATx cable to feed monitors up to 115’ away.  The Tahoma line are the most cost effective multi-image display processors available.

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MiniQ Modular Multiviewer
With the MiniQ you can use up to 8 modules (x4 video windows) in one frame.  Combine them as needed to create multiple displays.  Each module features a built in extender output and a SDI output.  Units are hot swappable and have redundant power.

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MicroQ Video Quad Splitter
New in 2012 is the MicroQ. A 4 video input (3G/HD/SD or NTSC) with both HDMI and SDI outputs.  Any window can be made full screen with a front panel button or via GPI.  Monitor embedded audio with analog stereo output.  Small size, low power, and very low cost!.

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Universal Scaler for critical conversion of HDMI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr and composite video to 720p, 480p, 480i, 1080i, and 1080p.  Features dual SDI outputs. The model 3500 includes genlock feature.  Standard 19" rack mount.  Optional redundant power supply.

US 3500 is $1320.

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3G HD/SD SDI & ASI  Distribution Amps
  1x4 and 1x8 Reclocking SDI Distribution Amplifiers.  SMPTE 424M, 292M, 344M and 259M compliant with data rates of 125Mbps to 2.97 Gbps.  Equalizes up to 120 meters of Belden 1694A at 2.97 Gbps, 140 meters at 1.485 Gbps or up to 400m at 270 Mbps.  All features the Apantac Magnetic Mounting system for clean installation.  5VDC 1A power supply included with connector lock.  1x4 for $219  or 1x8 for $308
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Apantac Conference Connect is a great time saving solution to the problem of having several presenters having to share a single video projector in your conference room. With Conference Connect you can connect all the different laptops to your projector and switch between presenters with a single click of a button.

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Don’t worry about picking the wrong product and then having all the pain of doing a return.  Your time is valuable so call us first; we are an Apantac authorized dealer.  We understand these products, we have the manuals and often we have the demo units, and we sell everything with a 20 Day No Questions return policy.  We have two offices on the east coast and are available from 9 to 5 EST.    Contact Us.

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