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Fast Forward Video is a leader in Tapeless Digital Video Recording.  The Omega family of recorders delivers impeccable HD images using exceptional quality JPEG2000 compression to save disk space while giving you random access and non-linear benefits of solid state media.   The Simultaneous Playback and Record (SPR) configuration allows you to replay video, including slow motion clips, while still recording the action without missing a thing. Recording times vary according to disk size.  The Omega Essential SPR is the ideal solution for Worship broadcast delay, Slow-Motion sports recall, and event staging applications.
Omega HD Tapeless Digital Video
The Omega HD tapeless digital recorder/player from Fast Forward Video provides exceptional video and audio in an economical package. The dual channel version of the Omega allow you to have simultaneous record and playback (SRP) for slow motion instant replay, time shifting or broadcast delay where image and audio quality are critical to your viewers.

Omega HD data sheet

Omega Essential SRP data sheet
Micron HD Tapeless Digital Video
The Micron HD is an economical tapeless digital video recorder/player from Fast Forward Video.  It is ideal for big screen presentations found in sports, live venues and theaters.

Micron HD data sheet
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