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Why TV Logic ?
    We know you've got to look at captions and have some embedded audio to monitor.  Today, you shoot in 16x9 and must keep 4x3 safe and you staff does need a SDI waveform monitor and vector scope.
    You've told us several times your tired of buying stand alone boxes or cards that only do one of these functions or are too complicated.  It cost too much time and money.  That's why you need to demo a TV Logic monitor!  We solve all those problems in one great looking package.  Call us today, we'll prove it.
TV Logic LVM 074W is the most comprehensive 7" HD LCD on the market today.  It features the full set of LVM family highlights in a tough portable package.
    You may have to ask if this isn't a piece of test equipment instead of a wonderful production tool with a battery mount and a bright wide screen display.

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TV Logic LVM 243W (3G) is our newest 24" native 1080 display with Multi-format inputs including 3G/Dual-link HD SDI, traceable color temperature and the full LVM feature set, including closed caption decoding, built-in waveform and vector scope display, audio demuxing, on screen audio level meters, and nine scan modes.

LVM Series HD/SD Multi-Format LCD Monitor Highlights

  • Embedded Audio Level Meter, Audio output & Speaker.

  • Waveform Display  & Vector Scope Display (SDI).
  • CEA 608 & 708 CC Display & Timecode & UMD Display.
  • Multi-Format Inputs for Digital, Analog, DVI & VGA signals.
  • Slim design, wide viewing angle & low power consumption.
  • Wide Screen 16x9 aspect ratio panels & safe area markers.
  • Automated Color Alignment option.  VESA mounting.
The popular 17" LVM 173W is a premium solution for Rack Mount, Desktop or Field use.  The LVM 173W is the higher end of TV Logics two 17" monitoring solutions.  This wide screen 17" monitor has high end video processing allowing for faithful reproduction of interlaced video and unparalleled scaling performance in addition to the rich feature set of the LVM family. 
The LQM Series features a Integrated Quad Display in 7", 17" and 24" TV Logic monitors for 4x HD/SD & Analog signal displays.  Pictured here is the LQM 241W 24".  The 7" unit is the LQM 071W and the 17" is the LQM 171W.
  Please take a moment to call us to discuss your multi-viewer needs.
XVM 245W  24" 10 Bit with LED Backlight
EBU Grade 1 Monitor.  The XVM 245W has been built specifically for high end color critical application while retaining many of the great features found in the popular LVM Series displays. Dual Link 4:4:4 and 1080p60 optional.  The XVM 245W has a High-Purity Precision LED backlight in a slim design package with no external I/O boxes.  See the XVM254W PDF...


2013 TV Logic Catalog

NEW  5.6" High Resolution Viewfinder Monitor

The VFM 056 is ideal for HDSLR production.  A 5.6" native 1280x800 resolution LED backlit LCD display with outstanding picture quality packed in an ultra lightweight magnesium alloy case.  Features on the WP version include waveform and vector display, HDMI to SDI conversion,  Luma zone check and range error check.  VFM 056 Options include an accessory kit, many popular size battery backs, and an acrylic screen protector.

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2012 Monitor Catalog

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