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New Low Cost Quad Split version of the Tahoma Multiviewer.

Compact Video Quad Split Display with both HDMI and SDI outputs.   It features 4 Analog and SD/HD/3G SDI inputs and one HDMI and one SDI output.  Any video can be made full screen with front panel buttons, or GPI control. It has a stereo analog output of embedded audio. Great as a stocking stuffer, yes it is that low cost at $895.


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3G & HD/SD SDI Glue infrastructure products Apantac at great prices.  Call Atlantic with your questions. We talk, stock and demo Apantac.

1x4 Reclocking 3G+HD/SD SDI & ASI Distribution Amp for $219.
 1x8 version for $ 308.

3G DA Data Sheet

Magnetic Mount system from Apantac
Extender and Glue products have a simple magnetic mount system that allows you to place it anywhere you have a steel surface or to mount the steel frame on wood or plastic to hold your Apantac in place.   Here is a photo of the back of DA-4HD showing the magnetic mount and the companion steel frame included with the kit.    Don't forget the 3G Glue!

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Connect multiple laptops to one video projector with CR Connect

CR Connect is designed for classrooms and meeting rooms with multiple presenters (laptops) and a single display, like a video projector. This VGA extension and switching solution allows the inputs to your display system to be switched with a single button, eliminating costly down time between presentations. Up to 120 Laptops (VGA inputs) can share a single display within a 1,000' range with a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536.  Scale a system to meet your specific classroom requirements. Its plug and play all with CATx cables and with no software required!

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Need to Extend a Multiviewer Output?

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