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Apantac makes 5 different versions of the Tahoma multiviewer. One is optimized for PC or DATA Display (with DVI/HDMI/VGA/YC type inputs), one version has a hybrid mix of Broadcast & PC inputs and three versions are built for SDI VIDEO (SD/HD auto detect & 3G capable) with Analog video inputs on two of the SDI versions. Tahoma multiviewers range in size from 4 inputs up to 32 inputs and feature 1 output for every 4 inputs. Each output on a Tahoma is a built-in CATx extender. This built-in extender allows you to run up to 35' to DVI or HDMI passive receiver or up to 115' to a DVI or HDMI active receiver (option) on a single CATx cable at 1080p.  They are very easy to set up and require no on-site commissioning.  Please do not hesitate to call us with your questions or to see a demo.

Standard Features of Tahoma Multiviewers

3 Year Warranty Made in USA
Single Frame Processing Delay Built-in CATx Extenders
16 Channel Embedded Audio per SDI Input for Metering
Auto Input Detection of Video & Aspect Ratio
Built-in Alarms IP System Control

Tahoma DE version features 4,8, 12, or 16 auto detecting inputs for DVI, HDMI with HDCP support with optional adapters, VGA, YPbPr, YC or Composite Video and SDI inputs (optional) making it a truly Universal Input multi-image processor.  The Tahoma DL mixes SDI & PC inputs.

Tahoma DE data sheet PDF                 Tahoma DL data sheet PDF

Tahoma LX version features a built-in routing switcher so you can view any input source on any multiviewer output.  The LX is available with 4 to 32 auto detecting HD/SD SDI video inputs which are 3G ready (option). 

Tahoma LX 4/16 Input data sheet PDF         Tahoma LX 16/32 Input data sheet PDF

Tahoma LE versions feature 4 to 32  auto-detecting Analog and HD/SD   SDI inputs which are 3G ready (option). Like all Tahoma multiviewers the LE has built-in embedded audio decoding standard and has AES inputs (option) which allows multi-channel audio meter displays.                    
Tahoma LE 4 Input data sheet PDF 
Tahoma LE 8/16 Input data sheet PDF
        Tahoma LE 20/32 Input data sheet PDF 

Tahoma LI version features up to 16 loop-thru inputs which are auto-detecting composite Analog and SD/HD SDI which is 3G ready (option).
A typical Tahoma LI production room installation is shown below.

Tahoma LI 4/8 Input data sheet PDF       Tahoma LI 12/16 Input data sheet PDF 

MiniQ Modular Multiviewer
With the MiniQ you can use up to 8 modules (x4 video windows) in one frame.  Combine them as needed to create multiple displays.  Each module features a built in extender output and a SDI output.  Units are hot swappable and have redundant power.

More about the MiniQ...

MicroQ Video Quad Splitter
New in 2012 is the MicroQS. A 4 video input (3G/HD/SD or NTSC) with both HDMI and SDI outputs.  Any window can be made full screen with a front panel button or via GPI.  Monitor embedded audio with analog stereo output.  Small size, low power, and very low cost !.

More about the MicroQ...

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