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Atlantic QC90 is a 90 day guided trial period for file based media quality control


Atlantic QC90 is a cloud based platform which we have created and manage for our customers to use, to discover the value of using Aurora.  We know that the faster you see a real return on your investment, the faster you will become an Aurora user.


By building QC90, we have eliminated the major costs to you involved with doing a QC system evaluation in house.  In fact we have streamlined the process down to just one step.  Simply upload a copy of the media you want tested to your personal folder on the QC90 site.  After that everything is automated and when your testing is complete we email you a custom test report.


When you sign up for QC90 we create a custom test template.  This template is based on your house file requirements, including measuring  run time, video and audio testing and other testing you may not currently perform, like ATSC loudness evaluation.  Over the trial period we will consult with you to fine tune your template and maximize your results.


It is obvious that the primary advantage of a QC90 trial is that you don't have to allocate or buy any equipment or tie up your personnel on a new project.  A QC90 evaluation is not disruptive to your work flow or destructive to your media and it does not create any new technical burden on your staff.  In fact, when fully implemented,  Aurora will allow you to use your staff on more productive assignments.


Capability Overview:  see the Aurora demo below, and download the Aurora/Hydra and EOS Data Sheets.


QC90 Cost:  The current price is $995 for one custom template and up to 5 test reports per weekday for 12 weeks, plus $1 per GB upload.   This equals 300 test reports over 90 days.


Disclosure:  DigiMetrics is glad to provide a 14 day trial version of this QC software for you to run on your own.   We think that, in most instances, this will be a more beneficial trial step to take after your  QC90 evaluation.  However, we will facilitate you acquiring and implementing the 14 day trial version at any time you would like.  If you choose the QC90 guided trial we will provide a copy of your QC90 template for your subsequent on site evaluation of Aurora.   When you decide to implement an Aurora system based on the QC90 trial we will apply the $995 to the purchase price of your own system. 

DigiMetrics Aurora & Hydra Data Sheet pdf

Aurora File-Based Test & Measurement Solutions
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DigiMetrics EOS Data Sheet pdf

Eos AutoFix for Broadcast Audio is a standalone application, designed for measurement and correction of average loudness.

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