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Kaleido Solo with ATSC A85 Loudness & Dialnorm meter option give you an Over Video display, via HDMI output, of several LUFS (ITU/LKFS) meter readings.  From your embedded audio you get a momentary meter display with maximum, and a histogram of short term and long term readings vs your Dialnorm setting.  Call us today to arrange delivery of your Kaleido Solo Loudness measurement system.

The Kaleido Solo features:
SDI or optional Fiber Optic Inputs with audio disembedder.
On -Screen meter displays via an HDMI output with scaler
Analog output on 3.5 mm jack and S/PDIF output
Built-in down mixer with full 16 channel selection.
16 Channel On-Screen Audio Meter Display (user selectable)
5v to 12v DC power supply and rear mount rack frame included.

The Kaleido Solo Loudness & Dialnorm display features:
Instant display of momentary loudness on bar graph
Momentary maximum reading
User selectable Short Term reading and charting
Integrated reading and charting (from your restart point)
User selected Dialnorm reading and charting.
User Select A85 ATSC or EBU mode.

Additional Features and Display Options:
Selectable Aspect Ratio Markers
Time Code Display
Automatic Format Detection & AFD Code Display
Built-in scaler and de-interlacer
User defined down mixing for confidence monitoring

Call today to arrange delivery of your Kaleido Solo with Loudness & Dialnorm display.

Kaleido Solo Data Sheet

Put multiple loudness meters on one display with our meter display options.

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