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Miranda invented the high performance Video Wall Processor and are a leading maker of Up/Down/Cross Converters, Terminal Equipment, Dolby & AC3 Audio Processing, TV Loudness Control, Lip Sync Control,  HD Media Player Cards, ImageStore & Nvision Master Control systems, and Vertigo HD Channel Graphics and Branding Engines.  New this year is the Kaleido Solo with ATSC Loudness metering and the Kaleido Modular Multiviewer-On-A-Card.  The Kaleido Modular is available in 8 inputs x 1 or x 2 outputs and can ride 10 cards in a 3RU frame!
Kaleido Solo with ATSC Loudness & Dialnorm meter option give you an Over Video display, via HDMI output, of several LUFS (ITU/LKFS) meter readings.  From your embedded audio you get a momentary meter display with maximum, and a histogram of short term and long term readings vs your Dialnorm setting.  Call us today to arrange delivery of your Kaleido Solo Loudness measurement system.

...more about Kaleido Solo and Loudness.

Robust, slim-line and affordably priced, the NVISION Compact routers are ideally suited to utility routing applications. They are available in a comprehensive array of formats, including 3Gbps, HD, SD, AES, analog video, analog audio, and machine control, in sizes from 8 x 8 to 32 x 32.
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The Kaleido-X16 is a compact, ultra-quiet multi-viewer with 16 inputs, two multi-viewer outputs, and two router outputs. It offers the highest level of image quality, and can be used with 3Gbps/HD/SD and Analog video. It's ideal for small control rooms, although it can also be paired with routers to create the very largest combined multi-viewer and routing systems.
 ...see the X16 Data Sheet
Kaleido Modular 8x2 Multiviewer card is the most space and energy efficient multi-viewer system, with up to 20 multi-viewer outputs per 3RU frame.  It features outstanding picture quality, low power consumption and super silent operation all with less than a half frame of delay.  Expandable up to 288 multi-viewer outputs.   ...see the Modular Data Sheet
Miranda has several ways to measure and correct Lip Sync error.  Call us today and we'll show you the most cost effective way to eliminate this problem in your plant.

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We have a combined 20 years of experience with Miranda systems and products.  We have always attended the annual Miranda partners meeting for training and product demonstrations.  Please take a moment to call us with your questions about any of the fine Miranda products.  We understand and demo Miranda Technologies products.
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