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Miranda invented the high performance Video Wall Processor and are a leading maker of Up/Down/Cross Converters, Terminal Equipment, Dolby & AC3 Audio Processing, TV Loudness Control, Lip Sync Control,  HD Media Player Cards, ImageStore & Nvision Master Control systems, and Vertigo HD Channel Graphics and Branding Engines. 

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Apantac  is a leading designer and developer of high quality, cost effective signal processing equipment. The Apantac product line includes Multi-viewers, Fiber & CATx extenders for DVI, VGA, HDMI, VGA & Touch screen signals. KVM extenders and Switches.

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TV Logic is “everything a broadcast display should be” with the most comprehensive line of LCD monitors available in the US.  The Multi-Format LVM Series are designed specifically for pro video applications.  Available in 7”, 8.4”, 9”, 17”, 24”, 32”, 40”,42”, 46” & 47” We have the size you want. 

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Digimetrics provides Aurora, the leading software for automated file-based QC.    Aurora performs template-based QC analysis on media files and reports errors in metadata, format compliance and perceptual video and audio errors.  See Atlantic QC90 for an efficient way to try Aurora.

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TV Logic offers a new high quality standard in LCD Rack monitors.  The Quad, Triple, or Dual unit with HD/SD SDI with embedded audio metering and closed caption display are all standard features on TV Logic Rack  monitors.

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Fast Forward Video is a leader in Tapeless Digital Video Recording.  The Omega family of recorders delivers impeccable HD images using exceptional quality JPEG2000 compression to save disk space while giving you random access and non-linear benefits of solid state media. 

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    Tedial is the leader in multisite MAM deployments for ingest, production, archive, postproduction, play out and distribution. Tedial’s Services Orientated Architecture gives customers investment protection for their infrastructure and provides robust flexible integration.
  Many of our customers are using Avocent for their remote computer access projects and now we can save you some time and money and get you the top shelf support you need for your video, audio and control projects. Avocent is now part of Emerson Corporation, call us first.
Telecast Fiber Systems specializing in camera connectivity builds fiber optic systems for broadcast production and other high performance video and audio communications and is now part of GVG/Miranda.
NVision Enterprise Routers and Master Control Switchers are the Best of Class for absolute dependability, signal integrity and control flexibility. NVision is a leader in 3 Gbps (1080p/3D) Routing from very large installation to compact mobile units.  The NVision Truck Router Model 8288 is an ultra compact system with 576x576 capacity. 

Planar LCD Displays.  The M-Series LCD displays deliver high-impact visibility for broadcast, control room, and public venues.  46” to 70” with the inputs and controls you need for long lasting monitor wall installations.  Atlantic Marketing also has all the LCD mounting and monitor stand hardware to insure you a smooth installation. 

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