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Extending a Multiviewer Output
Many times you want to extend the DVI or HDMI output of your multiviewer to put an additional display in an audio booth, newsroom or even out in your lobby.  Atlantic has experience with several brands of signal extenders and has picked Apantac as best with quality, price and delivery.  Most short runs are done with CATx cable and long or difficult are done with fiber.   Apantac has both.   Call us with your questions, because we will save you time and money.

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Atlantic QC90 Cloud Based Guided Trial of Media QC Solution
Atlantic QC90 is a guided trial of Aurora, a media file QC software from Digimetrics.  QC90 is a cloud based platform which we have created and manage for our customers to use, to discover the value of using Aurora.  We know that the faster you see a real return on your investment, the faster you will become an Aurora user.


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Monitoring your signals and your facility is at the heart of your operation.  Whether it is video or audio or the status of your equipment, whether it is in master control, engineering, front of the house or in the field, or from miles away.  We have solutions to meet all of your monitoring requirements.  Look here for Rack Mount LCD Monitors, Broadcast Video Monitors, Critical Reference Monitors, Large LCD Monitors, Multi-viewers, Video Monitor Walls, In-rack audio monitoring, Volume and Loudness monitoring. 
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ATSC Loudness Measurement
With the US Congress passage of the CALM Act, the ATSC standard functionally becomes law.  Throw away your PPM & VU meters and embrace the ITU-LKFS unit of measuring audio.  Currently no one knows how the FCC will implement compliance but it is safe to say you should have a compatible meter system.  The Miranda Kaleido Solo with ATSC Loudness & Dialnorm measurement option is the most cost effective loudness display we have found.  We have customers using it in several locations through out their plant.  The On-Video display is clear and easy to read .

 ...see more about this ATSC compliance meter.
Graphics & Branding 
Your graphic look has never been more important.  Graphics establish your brand.  Graphics communicate vital information to your viewers.  Graphics can allow you to stand out in an expanding sea of viewing choices and can complement the professional look of your organization.  Look here for Logo Inserters, automated branding devices, graphic storage and play out, clip storage and play out, character generation.
Signal Transport
These days there are more signals than ever, more places for them to go and more ways to get them there.  Whether it is news content from the field, confidence monitoring from a remote site, contribution video to be shared or streaming video to the home or desktop we have solutions.  Look here for Video Over IP interfaces, fiber optic interfaces, IRDís, remote confidence monitoring, streaming media products.
Routing and Switching
Encompassing the signal router at the core of the facility and including the smaller purpose-specific switchers in place throughout the plant Atlantic Marketing provides the latest technology in switching and hardware and software router control.  Look here for facility routers, video and audio strip switchers, router control panels, router control software
From portable production switchers to field friendly video monitors with built in waveform/vector scope displays, from converting signals between cameras and capture devices or interfacing computer graphics to HD devices, Atlantic Marketing has the answers.   Look here for portable and critical reference monitors, linear and chroma keyers, audio mixing, portable video and audio mixing, camera and computer interfaces
Master Control
Master control is a critical function in this multi-channel world.  More than just switching, master control is crucial to the revenue stream.  You need a system that is flexible, reliable, can handle rich graphics and can interface easily to automation systems.   With fewer operators and more responsibilities it is essential that your master control decisions account for both current and future requirements.  Look here for Master Control Switchers, Digital sub-channel solutions, automated clip and graphic play out.
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